Let Us Help You  Celebrate


Birthday Poster

Purchase a personalized color 18×24 inch poster that will hang outside the cafeteria during the week of your child’s birthday. At the end of the week the poster will be given to the child to take home. Order from Rycor via the links below. $10


Celebration Snacks

Class snacks can be purchased through our cafeteria manager. This is the only way to provide celebration snacks due to Smart Snack guidelines. Orders must be placed 10 days prior to event. Please see the link below for various prices.

Name on Marquee

Purchase a spot on our school marquee for the week of your child’s birthday. Only their first name and last initial will appear to protect privacy. Order from Rycor via the school website. $25


* Funds raised through this program will go to support the students, staff and community of WRES. Funds will be used for instructional resources, staff support, and other initiatives that further the goals of the school.