Current Staff Information

Principal Nena Green – 813.346.0700

Assistant Principal Valerie Hammen – 813.346.0700

Assistant Principal Tiffany Gocsik – 813.346.0700 

Learning Design Coach Katie Galletta – 813.346.0725

Learning Design Coach Emily Keys – 813.346.0725


WRES Core Team

Secretary: Sarah Chew – 813.346.0702
* Email with Volunteer, Contact Information, and Scheduling questions

Bookkeeper: Pamela Figueroa – 813.346.0704 
* Email with School Fees, Fundraiser, or Payment questions

Data Entry Operator: Gina Alba – 813.346.0706
* Email with Registration, Grades, Parent Portal, Transportation, and Attendance questions

School Counselor 3-5: Beth Elfering – 813.346.0708
* Email with 504 Plan, and Social/Emotional Services questions

School Counselor K-2: Emaan Abdullah – 813.346.0719 
* Email with 504 Plan, and Social/Emotional Services questions

Behavior Specialist: Katie Hawks – 813.346.0708
* Email with Behavior and Social/Emotional Services questions

Resource Management Associate : Brittany Leigh Ferraro  – 813.346.0724
* Email with Technology Access and Library & Media Collection questions

Guidance Secretary: Jamie Zuzek – 813.346.0709
* Email with ESE Meeting and Scheduling questions

Clinic Assistant: Stephanie Steinmetz
* Email with Medical Services & Support questions

School Safety Guardian: Miles Fuca
* Email with Campus Safety questions

Cafeteria Manager: Sherry Malone – 813.346.0778 
* Email with Nutrition, Birthday Celebration, and Lunch Account questions 

Plant Manager: Carlos A. Flores  – 813.346.0779

Teaching Teams

Mari Garcia
Leslie Coker
Amanda Elam
Taylor Galarneau
Marlene Mebane
Jessica Pimperl
Danielle Wainraich

First Grade
Danielle Bockus
Nina Hayes
Tammie Hudson
Mercedes Moreno
Angelica Ostrander
Lindsey Patrizz
Shawna Witczak
Amanda Venohr
Kristi Vicente

Second Grade
Julie Abbott
Katherine Batista
Denna Byron
Kathleen Cummings
Andrea Edwards
Sarah Johansen
Cheryl Paciorek
Amy Wright
Third Grade
Beth Kelly
Lynne Grugan
Gina Krutulis
Tracy O’Connell
Tabitha Pruitt
Mariam Mohamed
Kelly Nellany
Alyssa Santana

Fourth Grade
Brittany Bergeron
Rebecca Brown
Kristy Blouvet
Keri Brito
Emily Coe
Kelly Laukat
Danyelle Wildgoose

Fifth Grade
Mike Cobb
Tiffany Mentzer
Heather Olds
Dawn Rodriguez
Cynthia Riggio
Abigail Wheeler
Tosha Wilson